We provide a nationwide installation service. Most of our customers can't install these items themselves. Okay, a simple banner maybe but as soon as it's bigger than that in terms of scale, ie, the physical size of the thing that's being installed or that it's for a nationwide chain, then they obviously need to get somebody to help them to do that. When we are working within an existing factory or premises, then the challenge is making sure that we can do the work in very restricted time slots. So, commonly, stuff is done overnight and indeed most of our installation work I would say for those type of environments, is done at weekends. We love a challenge, and we love to be challenged, and if anybody dares to say that it can't be done, yeah, we love those sorts of situations too. I'm pleased to say there are several examples where we've done something that the customer didn't necessarily think was possible.

We've certainly had some challenging environments to work in and some difficult problems put towards us. One that springs to mind was a council that needed floor graphics to go down in a very, very high footfall area. That's fine. But there was a slight catch. It was to go onto a grade one listed floor. They needed it to be down for six to nine months, and there needed to be no residue when they were removed. I'm pleased to say the customer was delighted. They survived very heavy footfall for actually longer than they were expected to be needed and they came up beautifully.

One of the other challenging installations that we successfully completed was the installation of a high-level mural. This was some 15 meters wide by 4 meters deep. The difficulty there was that we weren't allowed to drill anything, screw anything or that when it was subsequently removed, that there would be any trace of it ever having been there. And did I say it was a grade one listed building?

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