Design and Artwork


We are not a design agency but we understand what constitutes good design in the context of promotional marketing and we are happy to advise accordingly.

Good design is critical to the success of your marketing, so it features highly in many of the guides that we post on our Blog. If you search for ‘design’ in our Fountain of Knowledge you will find everything on the site referencing design. To save you a few clicks, here are some of the main ones…  Resolution, ColourBlack Ink and FAILS! 😕

If you are a design agency or you have one on hand then great, we can provide templates and file guidelines to ensure we get the best result from your design. Templates are located in the description area for each specific product.

We provide a design service directly to clients who either don’t have access to an agency, or simply where the scope of the project doesn’t warrant this.  We consider our artwork service a ‘means to an end’, as a way to help our customers get the products they are looking for. As such, it’s incredibly good value, rather than something from which we profit.

When we offer design as an option at the Checkout, we are really talking about pulling together existing objects such as your logo and other content and text etc to make it all print-ready. If you can’t find your logo or only have low-resolution versions then we can re-create most files as vector files. Vector files are wonderful as they can be enlarged without degradation in quality. We have even done this from stitched emblems and from a tapestry, so don’t worry if you don’t have the perfect file! If you send us what you have we will be happy to advise on the quality for print and what we can do if a bit of help is required.


Great design takes you only so far. You also need great execution and this starts with great artwork. How the artwork is set up will determine the quality of the print and the presence or absence of errors.

Nowadays most artwork is released as a pdf document. However, not all pdfs are created equal. If you’re unsure of the suitability of your artwork, the simplest solution is simply to send over what you have and we will check it for you.

Please have a browse through our Products and Gallery and be sure to Contact Us if you need any help.